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Take a deep breath...

If you could do one thing that could help reduce your stress, increase your efficiency and productivity, improve both physical and mental health, develop patience and tolerance, increase creativity and innovation; would you do it? Nope, I’m not taking about some amazing, super expensive panacea. Rather, I am talking about an amazing, completely free panacea. Meditation. You don’t have to be size 0 and  join a trendy yoga class to benefit from meditation, it is available to you wherever you are and whatever size you are.  To debunk another misconception, most kinds of meditation have nothing to do with far Eastern mysticism ( you don’t have to convert to Buddhism to benefit either).   Meditation is simply the act of  letting...

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Try to find products that multi-task. Pure Shea butter is a real workhorse. It can replace petroleum jelly but better! It’s good at fighting dryness in difficult areas like knees, elbows and feet. It is an amazing hand moisturiser! After doing dishes, rub some on to keep hands soft. At night, a thin layer on your freshly cleansed  face before bed, will give you deeply moisturised skin the next morning, without annoying your pores. It can replace lip balm and leave-in conditioner. One product can replace six!

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