Be the Banana

Be the Banana

Don’t just eat the banana! Be the banana!

The fitness tip for this month is a yoga pose, oddly, named after the banana. Yes, it’s called Banana-asana or the banana pose! Before you get hungry, this is a yoga stretch that is very intuitive and very effective. You literally look like a curved banana when you are doing it right.  Lay flat on the floor with feet together and arms stretched overhead with palms together. At this point you should be in a straight line, then move both your feet to the right keeping them together and move your arms, still together, to the right as well. Don’t move your hips! Your form at this point should be curved like a banana. You should enjoy this stretch, if you are in pain, you’ve gone too far. It should feel like a stretch first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.  While stretching be mindful of your breath, control your breathing so it is deep and steady.  Hold for about three to five minutes then do the same to the left. That’s it! Ten minutes! Ten minutes to better abs, improved flexibility, a perkier butt and reduced saddlebags, all without working up a sweat.  An efficient use of time if I do say so.  Feel free to multi task, apply a face mask and improve your complexion while improving your body. This is another lazy girl approved exercise, try it today!

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