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Know your ingredients - Cocoa Butter

Know your ingredients - Cocoa Butter
I think cocoa butter is the single skin care ingredient that has been popular since the beginning of time. Very early on after the discovery of the divine Theobroma Cacao (cocoa) and processing innovations that  led to the modern chocolate bar and cocoa powder, cocoa butter was also discovered. Believe it or not, it was first used as an edible fat before it became cosmetic ingredient number one. It is the magic that makes the chocolate you consume, smooth and silky and firm at room temperature. It was in tropical countries that grew cocoa that it became a cult beauty ingredient. With good reason! Cocoa butter really works!  Most natural beauty brands use tons of the stuff, it is easy to work with and effective. There are lots of positives to using cocoa butter.
It is an emollient  which means it softens and moisturises and it offers mild UV protection. It is high in a number of fatty acids:
 Oleic Acid - Helps promote hair growth, maintain skin elasticity and reduce the signs of ageing
Stearic Acid- Softens skin, has anti oxidant properties and conditions hair
Linoleic Acid- Soothe acne and prevent future breakouts, improve skin’s ability to heal itself, anti-inflammatory, helps skin and hair retain moisture.
Palmitoleic Acid - Brightens the complexion, moisturise and tighten skin, boosts nail growth.
Cocoa butter is  commonly used to prevent stretch marks before, during and after pregnancy and as a treatment for scars in the Caribbean. This is a beauty must that should be used from the cradle to the grave. It works its magic on all skin types of all ages, and there are few ingredients that can truthfully make that claim. It penetrates deeply into the skin moisturising  and promoting elasticity. Cocoa butter is a great home remedy for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Regular use boosts collagen production, while reducing skin sensitivity and healing damage. It improves circulation under the skin revealing healthier , more even-toned skin.
Cocoa butter’s effects aren’t just superficial, it has the actual nutrition to back it up. Yes, nutrition. It contains Vitamins E and K both of which help skin repair itself.
Strengthen hair, reduce breakage and hair loss and improve scalp health  by applying melted cocoa butter as a hot oil treatment.
Long before the Shea butter craze there was Cocoa Butter. It is in everything and is good for everything too. The best part is, unlike many cosmetic ingredients it smells wonderful, no masking fragrance is needed. The scent of chocolate and the beauty ingredient that tops them all? You can’t beat cocoa butter.


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