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Don't climb the walls!

Being stuck at home was not the stay-cation I assumed it would be. It feels like I’m busier than before and between the constant stream of dishes and laundry I think I am going crazy. During this time it truly became clear the importance of  to taking a few minutes for yourself to maintain your health and your sanity! I wasn't always able to take a nice long walk so this lazy girl exercise became my go to. Simply elevate your legs against a wall while laying flat on your back for twenty minutes. That’s it!

You wouldn’t believe the health benefits of such a simple action: it relieves swelling in your legs and feet, encourages lymphatic drainage and improves overall circulation and fixes your posture at the same time. It does take a little finessing to do it properly though. Lay on the floor on your side and shimmy your bum till it touches the wall, then turn onto your back, stretch your legs up and you’ve got perfect form! Stretch your arms out at shoulder level to maximise the posture  benefits, lightly draw in your abs, breathe steadily and just wait twenty minutes!

Since you have twenty minutes with nothing to do but stare at a wall, why don’t you multi-task and  put on a facial mask? I love the convenience of a sheet mask but honestly it can scare family members. Instead you can whip up an easy multi-tasking face mask with ingredients from your kitchen or it can be as simple as rubbing some aloe vera or honey on your face. After twenty minutes, you’ll have better circulation, better skin and better posture. If you want to take it up a notch; try rotating your feet or opening and closing your legs. This works the hamstrings and inner and outer thigh muscles. Try this exercise today!


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